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Sun:   Closed
At the heart of Oklahoma City's culinary scene lies a barbecue haven that has captured the taste buds and hearts of locals and visitors alike: Blake's Barbecue. The menu boasts a mouth-watering selection of tender and smoky ribs, brisket that melts in your mouth, and pulled pork sandwiches that are simply irresistible. No barbecue feast is complete without a sweet finale, and at Blake's, their homemade cobbler dessert is an experience unto itself.
Experience the magic of Blake's Barbecue - where passion, tradition, and delectable dishes come together in perfect harmony.
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review by -Julia A.
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Wow! We aren’t from this area and we are convinced this has to be the best BBQ we’ve had in any city we’ve visited. Amazing. Great portions. I had the brisket sandwich and homemade chips. Both were so good I could have easily overeaten.
review by - Paige G.
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This joint may look unassuming, but the BBQ is great, and plentiful, and the folks are so nice. We live about a hour away. A few weeks ago we tried their BBQ for dinner. It was so good that yesterday, when I had to go back to OK, we brought back a pound of pork, and beef, to have for dinner and sandwiches.
review by -Roxann C.
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Greatest people I've met so far. Tried this about 3 weeks ago for the 1st time and it was so yummy I had to call them and sing their praises. Delicious homemade food and kind people, 100% recommend trying.